What do I get for my investment?

Personalised Ceremony Service

A guaranteed booking of your wedding day. the whole day is for you, so you get to say when and where you want me.

Initial interview: – At our first meeting, where we discuss any ideas, understand the ‘big picture’ of the wedding and get to know each other a little better. we will go through a questionnaire together, about you and your relationship,

Draft ceremony

The next meeting we will look at the first draft and we ensure you agree the details of what the ceremony will contain. Help you write your vows. I will suggest on readings, ceremonies and other aspects of the wedding itself.

Bows of rope twine pink bouquets to white chairs

Venue liaison/visit (1-3 hours)

The draft Anatomy of a Ceremony (1-3 hours)

Second interview to agree and modify the first draft (1-2 hours)

Completion of the finalised draft: – A unique wedding ceremony script, written by me, to reflect your love story and all of the things you have told me and that I’ve learnt about yourselves. This will not be right until you agree that it is, and you are 100% happy with the outcome.

Final interview and practice

Creation of a presentation copy of the ceremony and an Order of Ceremony

The delivery of your ceremony on your special day.

Contact via email, phone, text and video calls where required is unlimited, if you have any questions, ideas or worries about your ceremony, I will be your sole contact throughout the whole process.

I’ve seen how the photographers, planners, DJs, and everyone else involved in creating your wedding, they live in their own little world, the part that they have to deliver, we shall bring them into our world, it will fit in with your day. All of which I can provide contacts and I’m confident in their work.