Naming Ceremonies

No naming ceremonies are ever alike and why should they be?

What Should be Included Within a Naming Ceremony?

Well the answer is whatever you would like to include within a naming ceremony. However, the structure of a naming ceremony is along the following lines:

Ceremony Content and Structure

A naming ceremony can be a combination of some, or all of the suggestions listed below. We will create the perfect naming day that you decide and is exactly what you want.

I will create an introduction and welcome your guests, an introduction to your family and baby/child, poems or readings of your choice, I have many at my fingertips for you to look at and decide which is best for you. This can be read by the myself, by your family or a guest.

The Story – Welcoming of your child

Elements of your Choice, Unity Sand,  Promises/Commitments, Life Mentors/Grandparents Promises/Commitments, Inclusion of Siblings or Children Present,  Naming of the Child, Ceremony Keepsake Certificate, plus many other elements to chose from. The timing for a naming ceremony, however that’s entirely down to you, I’m at your service from the day we meet until after the ceremony. We can meet to start and create the unique ceremony for you and your family, after many meetings together to ensure your happy and we have the best ceremony you could wish for.

I will also meet up with anyone you want to be involved in the ceremony so they are happy with their role, nothing worse than not knowing, its an arm around their shoulder and give them confidence, however during the ceremony I will be instructing and inviting everyone on their role, we can be very flexible.

I hope this gives you some incite into the great day we can create together; I can explain more when we first meet. Post the occasion I will prepare for you a complete presentation pack as a keepsake of the day.